Competition Guide


Competition Guide

Here are some tips for you get ready to the QBJJC Competitions events.

Note: Every athlete must be registered at AFBJJ ( before starting the event registration, the AFBJJ Membership is valid for one year, register here.

Firstly tell the teachers/instructors the intention to compete as soon as you feel it. Your Sensei will consider many factors like: how long you have been training for, attendance, etc… having the approval to compete, it’s time to do your registration under the AFBJJ.

So around…

8-6 weeks before subscribe in the competition:

Step 1: Create Smoothcomp Account.
Step 2: Register for AFBJJ membership.
Step 3: Link to your Team / Academy [BJJ Lotus Club].

  • 5. Register for upcoming events [check it out the AFBJJ events here].
  • 6. Done! Now as our support aiming to boost your performance on the event day, our Club offers:
    • BJJ Adults – 4 Body Conditioning Classes on the house with our Coach Liam Pedge.
    • BJJ Teenagers – Permission to join the Friday’s evening Competitor’s Class and the Open Mat on Saturdays morning;
    • BJJ Kids and Little Kids – The Competitor’s Sticker, ask our staff for yours.

2-1 weeks before competition.

  • 1. Check your weight on a reliable scale WITH BJJ GI.
  • 2. Give more attention to your diet. [more info ask our Nathoropath Priscilla Johnson]
  • 3. Practice some cardio exercises daily. [more info ask our Body Conditioning Coach Liam Pedge]
  • 4. Start to execute your game plan at your gym, check the outcome, fix the mistakes.
  • 5. Organize the car pooling.

2-1 day before the event:

  • Try to meditate during the day bringing a positive and powerful mindset.
    [more info ask your Sensei, Instructor and/or any other athlete that has been compete before]
  • Eat healthy meals.
  • Drink enough water.
  • Make sure that your fightwear is clean and dry (BJJ Gi, belt, rashguard, mouth guard).
  • Check your Bracket on smoothcomp website, make sure to get all the info correctly.
  • Have a good night’s sleep.

On the Day of the event – checklist.

  • Check your mindset. 
  • Check your mobile battery and has enough space to be able to record your matches.
  • Energy: Water bottle, your favorite fruit and chocolate/energy bar.
  • Grab your bag with your fightwear.

At the Event

  • Ask one of our team members (non-competitor) to be your official video recorder of the day.
  • Ask one of our team members to coach your mat if your Sensei ain’t available.
  • Check the real time schedule online on smoothcomp website, keep updated.
  • Check your weight on the non-official scale before step in the competitor area.
  • Always remember to check the referee and opponent’s hands before and after the mat.
  • Warm up and wake up your muscles before each match.
  • Relax and stretch your muscles after each match.

and After the Event

  • Remember, we usually go to eat together in Southport to celebrate the day.
  • Don’t forget at night, a relaxing hot shower to help your muscles to rest.

On the day After the event:

  • Don’t miss the class, we will be talking about the event, it will be a light class.
  • Bring your medals to put on the wall if you feel like it.
  • Watch your matches, the one you didn’t succeed is the most important to watch and fix any mistakes. 
  • If you are able to and feel that it will help on your improvement, book a private class with any one of ours graduated students (purple, brown or black belts) to analyze your matches together.

Please feel free to ask our staff if you have any questions 🙂

We are happy to help you!