Family Sessions, bond strengthening fun

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Train in a highly engaging martial art while also spending true quality time with your child in a friendly environment.

Parents often spend so much time taking care of their child’s wellbeing and development, that they forget to take care of their own here you encourage each other to participate in both mental and physical exercise.

The goal of this class is to give both parent and child an opportunity to train together, building from scratch the required body conditioning, along with other parents and kids in a relaxed, engaging and fun way yet in a disciplined environment creating the perfect opportunity to teach the kids by example.

By participating in this BJJ session you set an example as a parent, by not only telling your child what to do, or hanging around, but by doing what you tell them to do, as a bonus, by learning the activity you also develop yourself while acting as a guide to your child, pushing each other towards a healthier lifestyle.

By understanding and joining your kids on this experience builds a stronger bond and gives the ability to truly understand one another on a deeper level.

The Main Objective is to build self confidence, discipline and strengthen the bond as a family.
Learning REAL Self Defense while having fun by developing fundamental muscle memory and body awareness.