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Body Conditioning

The body conditioning class is suitable for all levels, fun and designed to improve our overall fitness and functional movement.

Karate Goju-Ryu

Goju-Ryu is an ideal self-defence discipline focusing on close distance combat. Techniques include stomp kicks, elbow strikes and takedowns.

Yoga Vinyasa

Yoga’s philosophy is based on eight limbs; only one of them, asana, is about the poses.


Jedi or Sith, our Lightsaber classes are fun AND functional!

BJJ Adult

No matter your age or physical structure or fitness level, our BJJ Adult classes offer you not only the world’s most popular martial arts.

BJJ Women

Our exclusive women’s classes offer small group sizes, custom designed syllabi and life-transforming learning.

BJJ Kids

Our kids classes teach kids three things: Respect, Control and Discipline. Get your kid started now!